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I just got almost all the film in The Hire series on a DVD, except for the film directed by Wong Kar Wai, which was called The Follow. The reason given for its exclusion is that it's apparently not intended for redistribution after its initial run. So that bummed me out because that episode had been by far one of my favorites in the Hire series.

Does anyone know where I can download it? BitTorent?
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I just looked it up on LimeWire and it's available for download.
Awesome! Where can I download the LimeWire software?

PS: your :)

Well thank ya! The Follow is my favorite BMW film of all time. I loved everything about it. It was perfect. I watched it so many times. Hehe.
Do you have this movie on your hard drive? Could you yousendit to me? I looked to limewire but for financial reasons could enroll. i would really appreciate it if you could do this to another fan of this film. :-)
I'm sorry, I don't have it on my harddrive. I just looked it up on LimeWire and I can no longer find it. You do realize that you can still download it at the BMW Films website right?

Oh, man. How stupid of me. I did go to the BMW website and was able to download the film. Thanks for all your help. :)
oh, my email is